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"The Dream I'm In"

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This song is about my love for the ocean; but it's also about a long break with Michèle on Crete in 2012. We spent the days dreaming and floating in the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean. In a way, this simple little song is a kind of lullaby or meditation. It's about a moment of bliss, a moment when pain retreated into the wings while beauty reigned supreme. Thanks for listening and sharing!

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You can listen to THE DREAM I'M IN on most music platforms, so just search for "Babún" or '@babunmusic' on your favourite platform. Thanks for listening! And kindly follow and share if you like the music.

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I did the vocal, guitar and other FX on this one and my son Alex ( did the mixing and mastering. Thanks to Muse Michèle for lifelong inspiration!