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"One More Cup Of Coffee"

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I didn't write this song, but it's been an anthem of beauty and pain since my early 20's. Bob Dylan wrote this song for his 1976 album, DESIRE. I don't know who Dylan wrote it for? Sara? Or maybe Scarlet? It doesn't really matter. For me, it's a song about dreams and desires, beauty and pain. It also happens to be 'written for my voice' and the basic flamenco guitar style I've made my own over the years. I recorded my version spontaneously, on the couch in my living room, using only an iPad Air and Røde NT USB microphone, and the 50-year-old Yairi Gakki classical guitar that I took over from my father. The cover image is yours truly writing something, no doubt about beauty and pain, in the same years as this song was first released. Thanks for listening and sharing!

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I thank Bob Dylan for this song. I do the vocals and guitar, as well as the 'engineering', if you can call recording and adding a bit of equalisation, compression and reverb that. I mastered it on Credit for this song also goes to my dad, Theo Dahms, for having inspired me to learn the classical guitar and introduced me to classical guitar music and flamenco at a very early age. Two of my favourite guitarists In my early teens were Carlos Montoya and Manitas de Plata and that certainly had a major influence on my musical development. My dad will be 92 this year. Olé Pa!