Girl with Red Headband

Girl with Red Headband

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Hello Muses!

I'm inspired by a lot of people and aspects of the world we're living in. I find sources of inspiration in a wide and sometimes weird array of sources: Mother Nature, human actions, music, film, fiction, philosophy, images, muses, beauty, and sometimes pain. I've decided to share my inspiration with all of you who fleetingly pass by here in the hope that someone might also be inspired by it. My posts are going to be irregular and the content is going to be quite random, because my own inspiration comes from many unpredictable spaces and times. I hope to get into a pattern, where I will be able to share the little sparks of magic I come across with you quite often. I will also let you know, here, when my new song, BEAUTY AND PAIN, is to be released.

Meanwhile, here's an image that has been a source of inspiration for me for quite a long time. I took this photograph of a young girl with red headband in Djenné, Mali, while filming there about 10 years ago. I call her GIRL WITH RED HEADBAND. Her beauty and serenity, in spite of the harsh and uncompromising world she lives in, continues to inspire me to this day. I wish I could tell her this myself: "Girl with Red Headband, I was just a privileged white man with a camera that incidentally passed you in that dirty little ally in your world, in Djenné, one day. You gave your beauty and your light without any questions or demands. You are a muse and a constant source of inspiration to me and I wish you well!"

Thank you, dear passer-by, for your attention and your time! I wish you love and a meaningful day!

Yours truly,